Zámeček Memorial Pardubice is located on the memorial site of the former Nazi execution ground. A place that commemorates a dark part of history and should be a memento for future generations. Descend into the underground and get to know the tragic stories of those who managed to stand up to evil.

The address of the memorial is Průmyslová 558, Pardubice. There is free parking in front of the entrance to the premises. You can also reach us by public transport – lines 2, 12, 27 and 28, stop "Zámeček" or "Černá za Bory, silo".

A modern exhibition combines preserved authentic objects with multimedia content. You will be able to see previously unpublished documents from foreign archives. The unique architecture enhances the experience of the place.

What is the story of the Zámeček Memorial?

The story is not a happy one. In the beginning, there was a vast preserve with pine trees that belonged to the magnificent Larisch Villa, called "Little Chateau" among the locals. Then came 1939, the occupation, and with it the arrival of the German regiment of protective police. The Nazis found a remote part of the preserve with a sandy mound, which they turned into a shooting range. The darkest period of history went on. We would like to tell you the continuation of the story personally at the Zámeček Memorial in Pardubice.

Who are we?

We are the place that has turned from an idyllic preserve into a Nazi execution ground.  We are the place where 194 people who stood up to evil were shot dead during the Heydrich terror.  We are the place reminding you of the spine-chilling ideas and plans that became reality.   We are the place that tells you what racial hatred, social and crowd pressure can cause.   We are the place that cannot forget what happened here during the Second World War.  

What is it about?

It is all about the war. The occupation. Terror. Xenophobia. Racial discrimination. Crimes. Darkness. Human injustice. Lack of freedom. Violence. Standing up to evil. Honor. Lives lost. Cruel fates. Personal bravery. The fight for freedom. Death. Our history.

What will you see here?

You will see and hear unique preserved materials telling the tragic stories of individuals. These stories will make you wonder how such a thing was possible and how it started. How not to let even a tiny fragment of our dark past repeat.

How do I explain Nazi crimes against humanity to my grandchildren? 

It was hatred of a fellow human being of a different religion or a different opinion. A hatred that led to the enslavement of people, killing them, taking their property and destroying values developed over generations. The Nazi period not only was the hell of the 1930s and 1940s, but it occupies our minds heavily to this day.

Thanks to the support of the Statutory City of Pardubice and European subsidies, the project "Reconstruction and Modernization of the Zámeček Memorial in Pardubice" was implemented from April 2020 to October 2021, with the aim to build a dignified place of remembrance that will remind current and future generations of the events associated with the Second World War and Nazi crimes committed in the Pardubice Region.


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