Visitor rules

1. General Provisions

  • The national cultural monument Zámeček is a legal entity whose founder is the Statutory City of Pardubice. The Memorial consists of building No. 558; its address is: Průmyslová 558, Pardubice 530 03.
  • The managing director is responsible for the operation of the Memorial, and in his absence, it is a person authorized by him. The subordinate staff operate the cash desk, guide visitors and maintain the operation of the Memorial.
  • All persons in the Memorial are obliged to adhere to the director´s instructions or instructions of the authorized staff and to follow the operating rules.

2. Visiting hours

Visiting hours of the Zámeček Memorial for 2022 for the general public

  • March to June, September to November
    Tue-Fr 1 to 5 PM
    Sat-Sun 10 AM to 5 PM
  • July and August
    Tue to Sun 10 AM to 5 PM
  • December to February – only for organized groups of a minimum of five persons

Closing day in the week for the general public is Monday

Visiting hours for school groups

  • September to June
    Mo-Fr  8 AM to 1 PM

3. Admission fee, prices of souvenirs refreshments and publications

  • Basic admission fee  CZK 80.- 
  • Reduced admission fee  CZK 40.-             
    (children 6 – 15, students, persons over 65, disabled ZTP, ZTP-P card holders, IYTC, ITIC, ISIC, SCHOLAR)
  • Family admission fee  CZK 180.-           
    (2 adults + max. 2 children)
  • Free admission                                 
    (War Veteran Club members, teachers accompanying a group of students, members of ICOM, AMG, ZMS, children up to 6 years, holders of the Jánský Gold Medal (blood donors)
  • Admission fee for school groups CZK 40.- per a child, organized groups CZK 80.- per person; teacher, lecturer and group guide – free admission
  • Organized and school groups of over 20 persons are entitled to a 10% discount
  • Applicants for reduced fee/free admission must produce the relevant document
  • Souvenirs, publications and refreshments can be purchased from the ticket office. Their prices are stipulated by the founder. The price list is available from the ticket office.

4. Safety of the collections and property protection

  • Visitors are obliged to follow the instructions of the Memorial staff on duty. In the event of a violation of the operating regulations, failing to follow instructions or violating a prohibition concerning the protection and safety of the collections, the building and visitors, the visitor may be immediately banished from the building without a refund of the admission fee.
  • Children under 10 years must enter the building only when accompanied by adults who are responsible for them.
  • The group leader (teacher, educator, external group guide) is responsible for the group.
  • It is forbidden to touch the exhibited collection items (exhibits), glass cases, and other exhibition equipment without permission of the Memorial staff. Visitors may not damage or misuse the fire protection equipment. If a visitor causes damage, destruction or theft of any of the aforementioned items, he/she is obliged to reimburse the owner for the damage caused.
  • Photography and filming on a large scale is not permitted on the premises of the Memorial without the Director´s prior permission.
  • It is not permitted to consume food and drinks inside the building with the exception of the lobby and events approved by the founder.
  • It is strictly prohibited to enter the Memorial in dirty clothes or shoes, or under the influence of alcohol or addictive substances. It is forbidden to enter the Memorial with animals.
  • By entering the Memorial premises, the visitor agrees that the Memorial staff may take photographs of visitors, which will be used solely for the purposes of promoting the Memorial. The consent to the taking of photographs and their subsequent use for publicity purposes is granted for an indefinite period of time.
  • Visitors must not disturb or otherwise limit other visitors to the Memorial by their behaviour. They may not enter the exhibitions with umbrellas, excessively large backpacks and luggage. Visitors are obliged to carry their documents, money, phones and valuable items with them at all times.

5. Cultural and social events

  • Cultural and social events in the Memorial may be organised by the founder, its employees or by the operator. Admission fees for events organised by the founder or the operator shall be set by the operator.

6. Fire protection and visitor safety

  • It is strictly forbidden to smoke and handle open fire inside the building. In case of fire, visitors are obliged to follow the instructions of the Memorial staff.
  • In the event of an injury to a visitor, the staff member on duty provides first aid or calls for medical assistance. He/she draws up a record of the accident and hands it over to his/her superior within one day, at the latest.
  • Due to the uneven floor levels in different parts of the Memorial, visitors are required to take extra care. 

7. Final provisions

  • The Memorial assumes no liability for injuries and damages resulting from violations of the Visitor rules of the Memorial.
  • Visitors can make their wishes, compliments and comments in writing directly at the Memorial by noting them in the Visitors' Book which is available in the entrance hall. Requests, suggestions and complaints should be addressed to the Memorial management.
  • These Visitor rules come into force on the date of signing by the Managing director of the Zámeček Memorial Pardubice.

Pardubice, 1 October 2021

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